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Certification Training

Apart from promoting growth in resource know-how in individuals and organizations, we also encourage individuals and organizations to prove their unwavering competence in delivery quality service to their end-customers by investing considerably in certification acquisition programs.

At LUMENAVE, we believe that certification programs are not only beneficial to the individual but also to the organization who may be interested in manpower development, which benefits are as outlined below:

  • Certificates provide valuable benefits for corporate investment. Research shows a positive return in the form of improved employee service, reduced problem and increased overall employee productivity. Consequently, this serves as a measure of corporation competency.
  • Certificates can be viewed as a part of the philosophy that views learning as focusing on a goal and earning a certificate validates the learning process workplace
  • Gives the company a measurement of the employee understanding of the job
  • Studies show certification reduces employee turnover
  • Provides the company with a standard for hiring, promoting, and rewarding

In addition, our certification training programs have, among other things, the following features:
  • A seasoned technical consultant as course facilitator
  • Highly conducive home-fashioned classroom environment
  • Intensive on-the-job practical sessions
  • Fully equipped laboratory to simulate real-life problems

For more details on LUMENAVE certification training programs, including pricing, course outline, key features and schedules, please download the relevant pdf documents below:

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Customized Training

LUMENAVE offers organizations training programs that are designed primarily to solving persistent on-the-job problems. By offering such programs, we will not only assist organization provide solutions to the problem but will also ensure that all individuals responsible for maintaining the problematic systems are given adequate on-the-job training and support in maintaining, and perhaps improving on the problematic systems.

At LUMENAVE, we believe that the application of knowledge to solving both human and non-human problems is critical to the development of any system. For this simple reason, our training programs are quite distinct from the traditional method of an instructor-led classroom based scenario to a more involving and task-driven knowledge acquisition and application of such knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Our technical instructors are selected from the best hands in the ICT industry, local and foreign. They are usually experienced with diversified multicultural exposure backed with their sound technical know-how. Thus, you are sure to get immediate value for your money.

In addition, our non-certification training programs have, among other things, the following features:

  • A seasoned technical consultant as course facilitator
  • Intensive on-the-job practical problematic scenarios and solutions

At LUMENAVE, we also offer our customers, and partner various trainings on our products, services, and solutions. Our highly experienced technical consultants are always available to assist organization gets additional training for any installed products, services, and solution sold or done by LUMENAVE.

Training Format

LUMENAVE training programs are offered to organizations in a variety of training formats to provide our customers with flexible and convenient learning options to acquire industry-leading knowledge. We can offer training at customer’s site or off customer’s site. However, this depends on the type of training and how our customers want the trainings delivered. We are very flexible in our training locations and delivery formats as we ensure that we give the best value at the most cost-effective price. In addition, we can offer our training in the formats below:

Classroom Training

Instructor-led classroom training is our most basic and traditional training format. We believe that this give the students an opportunity to have a personal interaction with our qualified and experienced instructors and also to have the benefits of learning from the experiences of other students in a typical classroom setting. We ensure our LUMENAVE certified learning centers provide the right and conducive environments for learning. In addition, we prepare the lab scenarios to be similar to real-life scenarios encountered on a day-to-day basis at work. Hence, our students are guaranteed to have a first-hand and more professional ways of dealing with recurring and problematic issues at the end of a full class session with our technical and experienced instructors.

Online Training

For organizations or individuals who cannot attend classroom training for some reasons, we also offer online training sessions on some of our offered training programs. Our online training classes are delivered in a manner that is almost similar to our traditional classroom classes-saving organizations and individuals travel cost, eliminating inconveniences from long-distance travels. This training options also offer the flexibility and a high-level interaction for individuals to learn anywhere at their own convenient time or period. Similarly, our online training classes are delivered by seasoned consultants in the particular course offering.

Electronic Training

In addition to our online and classroom trainings, we also offer electronic training options for individual or organizations that are not able to attend classroom training or that do not have access to quality Internet to partake in our online training classes. These electronic training options are available as self-study CD-ROMs/DVDs and electronic books. The content of some of the electronic training options have the same content as our classroom training materials and recorded lectures while other electronic training options have specialized content tailored only to address some specific needs. These training options give the same user’s learning experience as our other training formats.

Knowledge Centers

The LUMENAVE Knowledge Center offers a wide range of opportunities for our customers to know more about products, services, and solution. It is also include several guides containing information and training that our customers may need to master in order to increase the proficient use of LUMENAVE products, services, and solutions. In addition, some of the information in the knowledge centers includes articles written by industry-leading professionals, consultants and specialists for solving recurring and problematic issues in their areas of specialization. Some free and sample course content materials and manuals can also be found in the Knowledge Center. These course content are regularly updated to ensure our customers are up-to-date with recent technology changes in the ever dynamic ICT industry.

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