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Information Management

Enterprise Management:Proactively identify and report on enterprise resource usage, faults, and performance.Gain improved application and service uptime through proper monitoring of application processes, services, and resources.
Security Management: Idenify and fix security fringes in applications, networks, and systems before it is too late
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Information Security

Cloud Security: Ensure data integrity and protection on shared public or private resources
Data Security: Identification, and classification of sensitive documents to prevent data leakage and reputational damage
EndPoint Security: Secure servers, personal computers, automated teller machines (ATM), smart phones,etc. from emerging attacks
Network Security: Maintain a secure and robust perimeter and internal defense posture against unmonitored, persitence and targeted attacks
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Information Availability

Backup and Recovery: Protect, locate, and recover more information in less time across a multitude of platforms, storage environments, or hybrid-cloud architectures
Business Continuity: Have a predictable and deterministic service recovery across all platforms
Information Governance: Identify breaches, take actions and execute decisions on information
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Information Availability
Info Systems

Information Systems

Infrastructure Systems: Reliable cabling infrastructure that ensure fast-paced data transport with improved application and network reponse time. Build and maintain scalable and future-proof datacenter systems using best-practice approach and world-class materials. Offers wide variety of power quality solutions for large and medium enterprises.
Networking System: Design, build, and maintain Next-Generation networks, Unified Collaboration Systems, Wireless Systems
Enterprise Systems:Provides cost-effective collaboration and workflow solutions to improve productivity and facilitate seamless communication
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