Support Resources

LUMENAVE provides various cost-effective and convenient support options for its customer. Our support options are designed and priced to meet the various needs of small, medium or large enterprises. .

Our support options are simple, reliable and efficient and are designed specifically to ensure customers get the full benefits of using our products, services, and solutions.

We provide three support options, namely:

  • Standard Support

  • Classic Support

  • Premium Support

LUMENAVE Transmission Service
We offer a variety of transmission services that are dependable, secure, affordable, and with the right quality-of-service.
>Short Distance
>Medium Distance
>Long Distance

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LUMENAVE Mobile Service

Subscribe to LUMENAVE mobile today, and enjoy fast, reliable, secure connectivity to your

Point-To-Sales (POS) terminals, ATMs,


POffice Applications

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Want a qualitative IT Training today? Then consider LUMENAVE.

We offer the following training options at various destinations in the world and at the most cost-effective price.

Customized Training
Certificate Training
Training Assistance  

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