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With LUMENAVE IT Infrastructure solutions, businesses can gain tremendous cost savings in managing their IT infrastructure through improved productivity and efficient use of resources. We offer IT infrastructure solutions that have been proven to give organizations the most advanced IT capabilities enabling top executives to dedicate their time and strategic endeavor in other critical and core areas of the business.

Our datacenter solutions are designed to assist organizations have proactive and cognitive control for all their datacenter elements, thus assisting them reduce significantly operational costs resulting from unforeseen system failures and downtimes.

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Datacenter Monitoring Solution

The challenge of operating a datacenter 24x7x365 still poses a nightmare for most datacenter operators. While datacenter availability is important, the cost of ensuring a datacenter is always up may be too expensive to justify the need for a datacenter. These huge cost implications require that datacenter owners have to become more proactive addressing inefficiency and maintaining adequate availability and usability of the datacenter resources over a long period of time. To achieve this, datacenter need monitoring tools that are very intelligent and can report on real-time activities within the datacenter.

To address this common challenge, LUMENAVE Datacenter Monitoring Solutions offer a wide range of datacenter monitoring products that provide organizations the benefits of visually managing their datacenter efficiently and effectively with an opportunity to optimize their datacenter facilities.

Together with the experience of our partners we can provide the following monitoring abilities to our customers:

Enterprise Management

Datacenter Management Solution

In today’s Internet world, the need to manage resources within the datacenter from remote locations has become more imperative than the need to manage these datacenter resources locally. Thus, to address this need, LUMENAVE datacenter management solution enables operators of datacenter to have remote access to resources within their datacenter quickly and effectively. These resources include servers, networking devices, power distribution units, cooling systems, storage devices and other mission-critical equipments. Our management solutions enable seamless integration of common access methods like serial-console, KVM, etc., over traditional IP network to provide local console level access.

Central Point of Management: Provide a central point with a single interface where issues with datacenter elements can be timely resolved.

Remote Management:Reduces downtimes within the datacenter by enabling quick console access to possible failed elements in the datacenter from a remote

Seamless Integration:Integrate easily with existing system and network access control systems and protocols like LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, TACACS+,etc., providing an additional protection for datacenter elements

Audit Logging and Reporting: Integrated audit logging and reporting capability allow for effective monitoring of daily activities within the datacenter
Datacenter Cooling

Datacenter Cooling Solution

At LUMENAVE, we understand how critical and relevant the cooling system is to the datacenter. Therefore, we ensure that the cooling system for your datacenter is well-designed to ensure proper flow of temperature, humidity and pressure within the datacenter environment. Leveraging on the experience of renowned and industry-leading partners in the datacenter cooling business, we can guarantee an optimal computing environment that will save power, reduce cost and give the required longevity of the resources installed in the datacenter.

Our datacenter cooling solutions provide organizations with the following benefits:

    Ability to adapt the cooling systems easily and seamlessly with increasing deployment of new IT hardware in the datacenter costs
    Provide cooling systems that are flexible, redundant and scalable in order to guarantee steady performance
    Reduce datacenter lifecycle costs by deploying a well pre-engineered, standardized, and modular cooling solutions.
    Ability to predict if the datacenter cooling system will be sufficient to sustain future load cooling solutions.

Our expertise in datacenter cooling solutions is second to none. Therefore, we are sure to provide your organizations with efficient and effective cooling solutions for your datacenter that can withstand system failures and are also robust enough to sustain abrupt increases in server loads in the datacenter.

Datacenter Power Solution

Our datacenter power solutions ensure organizations saves power even in period and places where power from major sources is considered to be scarce and very expensive. In collaboration with our partners, we offer a wide variety of power quality solutions for the next-generation datacenters designed to meet the power needs of both enterprise and business IT systems.

Our solution includes:

  • Design, installation and maintenance of datacenter AC and DC power systems for datacenter
  • Design, installation, and maintenance of uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
  • Design, installation, and maintenance of other peripheral power distribution units for racks, servers, and others
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Structured Cabling Solutions

Structured cabling forms the very basic foundation for most Information Technology networks, and hence forms the bedrock on which all other IT business related matters depend. Thus, a well-designed, installed, and administered cabling will not only assist organization reduce costs through each phase of the structured cabling lifecycle-installation, moves, adds, and modify- but will also improve productive hours of employees through reduced network downtimes, which in turn will translate to customer having confidence in the ability of the organizations to deliver quality and highly-available services.

At LUMENAVE, we specialize in the design, installation and support of communications cabling and networking systems. We adopt the most cost-effective approach in design and installation of cabling infrastructure solutions for large and complex communication networks. Our cabling infrastructure solutions are fashioned to meet our customers’ fast-paced and ever-changing requirements, and thus ensuring our customers get excellence around every lifecycle process of the solution.

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