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Cloud Security

Today, cloud adoption pattern has evolved from the traditional private cloud, public cloud to the more sophisticated hybrid cloud. More individuals and organizations are becoming to realize the potentials,flexibility and cost-saving benefits of cloud computing, though concerns about security, availability, and compliance of clouds persist.

LUMENAVE Cloud Security Solutions give individuals and organzation the confidence to do business in cloud with guaranteed protection and availability-whether they are building their own cloud, consuming cloud services, or extending their business operations to include third-party clouds.

LUMENAVE cloud security uses the smartest protection strategy to address the security risks inherent in cloud computing while giving individuals and organizations the infrastructure scalability needed for expanding business operations, reduce time-to-market, and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Cloud Security
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Data Protection

LUMENAVE Data Protection solution suites: Data Classification and Data Loss Prevention, enable organizations choose the right protection for data as it being use, transported, and stored within their environment.

With data classification the right sensitivity to all forms of data as they moved from one endpoint to another can be defined, and used in ensuring the effectiveness of other security solutions like data loss prevention, archiving, digital right management, and many more.

Our Data loss protection suites protect loss of sensitive information like personal and business information, credit-card, financial business records, intellectual property, trade secrets, new and competitive product information, social security number, private pins, and others.

EndPoint Security

LUMENAVE Endpoint Security solution enables organization choose the right endpoint security solution for real-time protection against virus, malware, spyware, deadly computer worms, ransomware and real-time prevention of attacks that may originate from the incessant moves of laptop, USB drives within and outside the network.

To offer the best-of-breed and an integrated endpoint security solution, we leverage on the experience of our partners in providing a more robust and all-encompassing endpoint security solutions to our customers. We use the most cost-effective and vendor-neutral approach in selecting the best endpoint security solutions that best fit each of our unique customer environment.

EndPoint Security
Network Security

Network Security Solutions

LUMENAVE Network Security Solutions help keep customers network protected from both internal and external zero-day security threats. Our approach to securing network and vital resources on the network depends on the environment in which the security solution will be needed or used.

In other words, we use pragmatic approach to building security systems for our customers’ network. We endeavor to understand what the organization’s intentions are in seeking to protect its vital resources.

With LUMENAVE Network Security Solution, the right firewall, router, intrusion prevention/protection systems, content filtering, web filtering, LAN segmentation design are well-structured, implemented, and integrated to form a unique security solution that is reliable, robust, self-defending, self-healing and above all, can withstand sufficient attacks without impairing service availability while simultaneously guaranteeing adequate protection to vital resources at any period of time.