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Network Management

LUMENAVE Network Management solutions embody a comprehensive approach to monitoring, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and optimizing network system operations. These solutions integrate modular component products and professional services to help meet the demands of increasingly complex and evolving environments.

Our network management solutions help organizations optimize the operation and management of their networks. For small business, large enterprise, or service provider, LUMENAVE can provide the solution to help them achieve the level of manageability needed to keep their IT network resources running efficiently and effectively.

LUMENAVE Network Management Solutions focus on the strengths of Internet-based architectures for greater accessibility and simplification of the tasks and processes that help customers prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimize their IT networks. We assist our customers to achieve this by ensuring we use products that are manufactured by leading players in each identified area of IT network management needs.

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Network Management

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Protection for Endpoint Data

System and Application Management

In today’s Internet world, the challenges of maintaining a complete view of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resource-systems and applications, that support the business processes still pose a nightmare for most organizations. While this ICT resource availability is important, the cost of ensuring these ICT resources are always up may be too expensive to justify the need to monitor them. To address this common challenge, LUMENAVE in partnership with SolarWinds, offers a wide range of ICT resource management solutions, products, and services that provide organizations the benefits of monitoring and operating their ICT resource efficiently and effectively with an opportunity to optimize them as the business grows.

Solutions Features

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