Professional Services

Expert Service Delivered within Cost, Scope, and Time .

Advisory and Implementation Services

Get Trusted and Tested Hands Deliver Business Expected Values from Failed or Incomplete Solution Delivery

LUMENAVE Professional and Consulting Services offer the expertise and skills to help your organization deliver IT projects that meet the expected business objectives. Our Professional services provide a unique combination of knowledgeable IT professionals, industry-leading technology and proven processes.

We adopt a structured methodology developed and nurtured throughout our years of providing quality professional services. LUMENAVE professional services help clients through complete and independent planning phases enabling them to visualize solution blueprints and implementation roadmaps that are best aligned to their clear business goals and objectives.

We, at LUMENAVE, have realized that organizations do not get the best values for the technology selected and bought for many reasons: wrong choice of products/solutions to address lingering business problems, poorly-defined scope of work, customer specific environment issues, implementers' lacks experience, and many more.

In addition, some organizations have requirements that go beyond basic installation services and are looking for expertise in fulfilling a more robust , and integrated implementation service that evolves as the business needs change. It is in fulfilling these pressing customer needs, we have advisory and implemenation service staffed by experts who will help in assessing technology needs, evaluate customer specific issues, and provide both remote and onsite deployment with ease and at flexible payment options.