OutSourcing and Managed Services

Gain more Business Values, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Reliability with Less Hands

Managed OutSourcing Services

Today’s challenging business environments demand business managers to be innovative in their service offerings. Such innovations cannot happen when business managers are burden with the day-to-day running of their non-core activities. In most organizations, IT forms part of the non-core functions of the business and as such are considered by business owners as one of the less important aspect of the business. In addition, researches have shown that companies that do better in a competitive industry are companies that are increasingly focusing their strategies on their core competence and activities. These focused strategies result to greater efficiency along with real-time visibility and control over the business processes that they share with customers, suppliers, and other outside partners. For organizations looking to become more creative in their services to their customer, the business case for managed outsourcing services is persuasive. .

LUMENAVE managed outsourcing services help business owners concentrate on their core competencies and revenue generating activities while LUMENAVE outsourcing team manage the technology efficiently, effectively and reliably. We consider your IT department as ours and thus we ensure that your IT is not only run efficiently but also has what it takes to support the core business-dependent processes and activities.

We offer these outsourced services in three customer categories: Standard, Classic and Premium.

Service Benefits

  • IT costs become more visible as all billable hours can be accounted for. In other words, organizations have the opportunity to utilize IT services on as need basis, and can now pay only for the actual services used.
  • With our extensive knowledge base of various IT specialists and professionals, we help our customer reduce loss to downtimes as issues are resolved timely and professionally using best-practice approach, This is as opposed to an organization maintaining a comprehensive in-house staff
  • We provide our customers with performance reports and measurements on their IT resources. This helps in many ways in making the right decision at the right time, especially in areas of IT resource capacity planning.
  • Communications between business functions improve at all levels and ensure that IT resources are not being misused
  • We help our customers to drive planning and budgeting improvements while also providing 24×7x365 support at a fraction of the cost of keeping in-house personnel to do the same job.
  • We established a well-defined industry-standard Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with our customers, thereby removing ambiguities, and unnecessary disputes.
  • We can adapt quickly to the staffing levels required by our customers,thereby avoiding gaps due to attrition,business growth or economic downturns.
  • Our consultants are fully trained on the latest technologies, thus transferring such knowledge to our customers improved the quality of our service delivery
  • We assist our customer overcome the fear and difficulty of either retaining technically qualified in-house personnel when external job opportunities are rapidly changing or relying on one or two key in-house people.
  • We use established standards for equipment, software requirements, and an approved lists of reliable vendors, which saves time, money, and improves the quality of goods and services delivered to our customers.

Managed Security Services

These services are offered to customers who already have in-house security resources –devices, security personnel, applications, and many others-but lacked sufficient expertise or tools to manage the day-to-day management of such resource. If your organization faces this challenge or falls within this category, then consider subscribing to LUMENAVE managed security services today for better management.

LUMENAVE Managed Security Services provides organizations 24x7x365 monitoring and management of their in-house security resources. With a more friendly management console security personnel within an organization are provided with the ability to view their entire security infrastructure. Thus, enabling them to determine the device type, vendor, and service level required to meet individual security business needs. While in addition, enable them reduce security cost, simplify management and guarantee a minimum level of protection across all business area.

Service Benefits

  • A definite and measurable service level agreements ensuring organizations demonstrate the right level of compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Lowered total cost of ownership, assisting organizations save up to 50% on investment on information security management costs. Thus, allowing organizations re-allocate such saving to other business objectives
  • The security services support most security vendor products, with no bias for any specific security device types from any vendor
  • Through on-going security monitoring and improving on documented security policies and procedures, organization are able to achieve and maintain compliance with government and industry regulations.
  • Organizations also have the advantage of having improved operational, financial and strategic efficiencies across all areas of the business where information security is of paramount importance.
  • Security advisory services on expected device configuration, management and maintenance.
  • Onsite 24 x 7 x 365 Intelligent management and monitoring of the following security devices