Next-Generation Storage

The Right Storage Options for Your Business-Low TCO, Scalability, and Blazing Performance

All-Flash Storage

Flash storage is becoming the new normal owing to its affordability, agility, efficiency, and speed. And with LUMENAVE All-Flash Storage Solution Suites, businesses now have the option of building a Modern Data Center with the broadest and flexible All-Flash storage options.

All-Flash is the foundation of the modern data center, bringing high-capacity, high-IOPS, low-TCO storage to organizations of all sizes. From entry-level to enterprise, our broad All-Flash portfolio offers solutions to match any workload.

LUMENAVE All-Flash Storage Options give organization the ability to shorten response times for mission-critical applications with storage that delivers faster performance1, 99.9999% always-on availability and scalability up to petabytes — while lowering CAPEX/OPEX cost, and with lower storage admin costs


    Key Business Benefits


Hybrid Storage

By providing virtually unlimited hybrid configuration options of flash and hard disk drives in order to provide better peformance and capacity utilization at great service levels, LUMENAVE hybrid storage solution suite enables organization tailor their storage solution to exact business needs helping them accelerate growth and innovation while controlling costs

Our Storage experts provide advisory services to propective customers on choice of storage options to get for that unique need, while noting other interesting nice-to-have features. Explore the LUMENAVE's Storage Advisory Services powered by our partners, Today.

Software Defined Storage

The storage need and use for every business is unique — different businesses need different storage products and configurations, and use storage for different purposes: critical or non-critical to the operations of the business. At LUMENAVE, we offer variety of storage options to fit various customer needs: Intelligent,automated storage solutions, high-bandwidth or high-capacity storage arrays, converged storage and compute solutions, or Windows® NAS appliances, etc,

Hence, the need to design data center storage to overcome increasing workloads cannot be over emphasized. The old and costly models that bind customers to proprietary solutions and dictating configurations must be totally overhauled. With our wide range of adaptable, software-defined storage solution suites, customer can now separate hardware and software, giving them freedom of choice and access to storage innovation as it happens — no more waiting on the next hardware refresh to get the latest, most intelligent software features needed to automate workload management. .