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Buying a New Server?

If you are not sure what server is best for your business, for that project or solution,then simply send us an email, call us or chat with us online. Selecting the right server depends largely on a number of factors, but not limited to:

Have Defined Requirements

LUMENAVE server experts can provide useful advisory services on what types of servers to consider for each business need. The business needs for a server differ from one department or organization to another. Hence, our server experts help translate your business requirements into technical specifications of the server types and brands to consider in your new purchase. They also provide advisory services on what server components are needed to address some of the following business objectives:

Ensure Business Continuity
Improved Application Performance and Uptime
Reduce Datacenter Operating Costs
Growth in Business Operations or in Customer Information
Reduce Software licensing costs
Reduce Risk Exposure to Security Exigencies from Shared Infrastructure

Rack Space vs Cost

The form factor of a server describes its size, shape and packaging. The form factor of a server determines the space occupied by the server in your limited rack or datacenter space. Choosing the right server with the right form factor can considerably reduce datacenter costs in terms of cooling requirements, cost-per-rack space for hosted datacenter, etc. At LUMENAVE, we offer the following types of servers based on thier form factor:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Tower Server

Built in an upright cabinet that stands alone, and similar in size and shape to the cabinet for a tower-style personal computer.


Rack Servers

Designed to function as servers and are configured for installation in a rack.

Blade Servers

Stripped down server computer with a modular design optimized to minimize the use of physical space and energy.

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

Workload-optimized systems having storage, networking, and software in one compartmentized rack.

LUMENAVE's Advantage

With server performance measured in terms of number of CPU core per socket, maximum memory attainable, processor cache and frequency, LUMENAVE offers server options ranging from low-performance, medium-performance to high-performance servers for small, medium, and large organizations. Buying your next server, consider LUMENAVE's Advantage :

Significant Discount both for Unit and Volume Order
Dedicated Technical and Sales Consultant
Excellent pre- and post-sales support
Product Warranty Guaranteed
Credit and Leasing Options
Instant Quoting
Trade-in of Old Servers
Free Accessories Upgrade and Advisory Services.

Reliable Brand Names

LUMENAVE offers a wide variety of server options from trusted and verified original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands. This relationship with leading server OEMs ensures we provide our customers the right servers for the right purpose at the right price within the right delivery time.

Stay Within Budget with Right Compute, Storage, Networking and Software

With strategic partnership with leading server manufacturers, LUMENAVE is able to provide a wide range of servers and components to meet immediate and future application performance demands, ensure tremendous cost-savings in capital expenditure, guarantee investment protection, and more importanly, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

LUMENAVE server experts provide advisory services to propective customers on the right adoption strategies for modernizing their datacenter in terms of virtualization and data migration to cloud. Explore the LUMENAVE's Server Advantage powered by our partners, Today.

The Server Versatility and Exponetial Demand Growth

Application Performance

Refresh your infrastructure to take advantage of faster processing speed, lower total cost of ownership(TCO), and improved customer experience.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Big Data Syndrome

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