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Enterprise Identity Management Solution

The need to centralize access to critical resources in organizations has become imperative considering the incessant cases of fraud and security threats pose by multiple and isolated access management devices in today’s challenging IT environment.

LUMENAVE Identity Management and Directory Solutions offer organizations the benefits of consolidating their multiple and separate identity management and directory services into one centralized directory repository. This offers the advantage of providing a uniform and more robust way of securing access to relevant resources on the network. In addition, it makes creation, modifications, and deletion of some management functions to be done easily and centrally. It saves time, minimize configuration errors, ensure conformity, and provide better visibility on resource control around the organization.

LUMENAVE Identity Management Solution also includes a portfolio of solutions that support both central and single sign-on capabilities. This helps organization eliminate the need to manage multiple access protocols, and where required, provide digital certificate management through the use of smart cards for automating user authentication process within the organization.

Messaging and Collaboration Solutions

LUMENAVE delivers a complete messaging and collaboration solutions-including design, implementation, migration, integration and ongoing management-to help organizations consolidate their communication needs for achieving set business objectives and goals.

Our experience in many enterprise messaging and collaboration solution portfolios from Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, and many others enable us deliver rich messaging and collaboration features at very affordable prices.

If investing in the latest technology is a challenge to the business, then rely on LUMENAVE to provide you the newest technology in messaging and collaboration solution portfolios with little or no business risk, great improvement on company’s productivity, efficiency and security. For some of our customers, we have successfully installed and configured the latest messaging solution from leading providers, which comes with improved database resiliency, protection from spam, viruses and other security threats.

Messaging and Collaboration

Virtualization Solutions

For organizations that want to remain competitive in the global market place, virtualization of the datacenter server infrastructure is the right and unavoidable step to take. The benefits of virtualization cannot be over emphasized-efficient backup and restoration time, minimize the impact of disaster, tremendous datacenter power saving, significantly reduce datacenter space utilization, etc. The justification for virtualization of the datacenter server fabric is becoming very compelling and clear to business owners. Thus, it is not surprisingly that today’s IT managers are aggressively adopting and integrating virtualization technologies into their datacenter server fabric design.

LUMENAVE virtualization solution porfolios consist of a collection of virtualization technologies, services, solutions, and products that help provide and deliver the advantages of datacenter consolidations to organizations. Such advantages include but not limited to unparalleled flexibility, security, simplicity, visibility and policy enforcement within a virtualized data center.

Solution Portfolio

Enterprise Management

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Server Virtualization Solution

Server virtualization solutions from LUMENAVE help organizations lower costs, optimize performance, and simplify management.

LUMENAVE Server Virtualization solution allows organization to maximize physical resources in their server environment the most efficient and effective way. Thus, organizations can lower costs, saves energy, have faster application and service delivery time, and achieve levels of business continuity in no unit time. Server virtualization functions by running multiple, independent, operating systems on a single physical server. Thus, server virtualization turns a physical server and its components like chassis, processors, memory, into software components like folders or files on the same physical server.

LUMENAVE proven server virtualization solutions which is built on the industry’s leading virtualization solution pioneers help organization drive business agility by simplifying their business infrastructure to create a more dynamic and flexible datacenter.

Desktop Virtualization Solutions

LUMENAVE Desktop Virtualization Solutions help organizations transfer the gains of server virtualization in the datacenter to the desktop or user environment. It also helps organizations seamlessly deploy, manage, and secure desktop applications within the organizations, while providing the needed business agility and continuity.

Working with our strategic partners in the desktop virtualization solution industry, LUMANVE can help organizations choose the right virtualization technologies that best address their unique business needs and IT challenges, while ensuring that investment in existing IT infrastructure is preserved.

LUMENAVE Desktop Virtualization Solutions also help organizations deliver a unique and fascinating desktop experience complete with all settings for applications, data, network, and storage to laptops, and thin-clients, to employees while they are in the office or on the road.

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Enterprise Management


Storage Virtualization Solutions

In today’s world of challenging business environment, the need to remain competitive in the market has made many organizations deploy solution and applications on different vendor platforms and storage systems. This has led to the creation of islands of data on multi-vendor storage systems across the enterprise, each requiring dedicated management, policies, protocols, leading to complexity in storage administration. This not only denies the organization the benefits of having unified storage systems, but also makes the integration of multiple business applications within the enterprise time taken or sometimes impossible. This complexity often results to gross underutilization of resources, wasting of power, datacenter space, and high operating cost.

At LUMENAVE, we help organizations manage their growing storage demands effectively over homogenous or heterogeneous storage systems. Our storage virtualization solutions enable organizations consolidate their heterogeneous storage resources into virtual containers for simple and centralized management with flexibility and vendor independence.

LUMENAVE Storage Virtualization Solutions offer organizations the following benefits:

    Simplify storage administration and provisioning across multi-vendor storage systems
    Efficient use of storage capacity across the enterprise and may reduce storage capacity requirement and investment to about 60% or more.
    Enable smooth migration and integration of independent applications on time and with minimal costs
    Provides greater input towards an improved service optimization process
    Reduces the over dependence on a single-vendor to provide storage systems.

Business Application Solutions

We offer a wide range of business applications for small, medium and large enterprises. Our range of solutions include but not limited to the following:

A powerful charting and layout software that automates your PowerPoint work and such improves slide creation efficiency and quality. Within minutes you get well-laid-out and great-looking slides. Learn More
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Manage, motivate, engage, and develop people to achieve greater organization objectives. Learn More
Business Applications

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