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LUMENAVE Endpoint Security solution enables organization choose the right endpoint security solution for real-time protection against virus, malware, spyware, deadly computer worms, ransomware and real-time prevention of attacks that may originate from the incessant moves of laptop, USB drives within and outside the network.

Solution Benefits

  • Real-time and advanced threat protection for emails, web, network, files, and Internet surfing
  • Proactive monitoring and patching of endpoint systems to mitigate against day-zero security attacks
  • Protect endpoint systems from malicious downloads and scripts while connected to the Internet
  • Provide a single agent for ensuring proper administration of antivirus, malware removal, network access, device control, application control, reputation analysis, behaviour monitoring, firewalling, heuristic and intrusion prevention for web browsers, email, network
  • Provide a central console for easy management of endpoints, compliance and audit reporting

Security for Embedded Systems

LUMENAVE Security Solution for Embedded system enables organizations to protect embedded systems such as automated teller machines (ATM), cash machines, point-of-sales terminals, and many more from zero-day cyberthreats and attacks. Our embedded security solution suite combines a range of technologies, including application whitelisting, antivirus, anti-malware protection, device management, sandboxing, application control, behavioural heuristics, and many more.

This range of technologies are highly-integrated and designed to guarantee the required protection for most embedded systems: in-built application whitelisting and integrity-control technology prevents execution of applications and processes not explicity allowed; ock-down of unauthorized devices for direct connection to the protected systems protects against malware and changes that could cause system failure, affects business revenue, customers’ experience and reputational damage. The solution can be tailored to meet specific design requirements for any embedded system-giving a knowledge of its architectures.

Solution Benefits

  • Protection from zero-hour attacks
  • Guaranteed system availability as unauthorized software changes are prevented.
  • Maximizes service uptime with optimal protection as it reduces frequency of patching-Operating Systems and Application Vulnerabilities

LUMENAVE Endpoint Encryption solutions are easy to use, has multiple recovery options, and provide maximum protection for encrypting data on laptops, desktops,and various types of removable media including USB drives, external hard drives, and CD/DVD/Blu-ray media. It also faciliates the communication of data securely with other users not having the encryption software installed on their devices.

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EndPoint Encryption

Today, information exchange are done via various devices: laptops, desktop, smart pads and phones, and other removable media devices. While these devices facilitate the freedom and increased productivity now enjoyed by businessess , it brings its own challenges of possible data breach through lost or stolen devices.

LUMENAVE EndPoint Encryption solutions consist of a range of encryptions options: strong full-disk and removable media encryption, file and folder encryption, network share encryption, desktop email encryption, and many more. All these solution options combined with a centralized management and policy orchestrator to ensure guaranteed protection for sensitive information as they moved from one device, users, and applications to the other, while maintaining regulatory compliance with local, industry, and global standards of operations.

With LUMENAVE EndPoint Encryption Solutions, employees and businesses can now exchange corporate data while in the office, at home, on the road, and have constant touch with their customers with little or no constraints: time, location and worry that data exchange will get to wrong hands

Solution Benefits

  • Provides defense-in-depth add-on layer-security for protecting sensitive information within the organization
  • Flexible integration with other applications requiring encryption
  • Ease of use
  • Multiple recovery options
  • Improve organization's security posture by eliminating the likely business impacts from stolen devices or compromized data on file servers, which include but not limited to: loss of customer's confidence, reputational damages, possible litigation, regulatory sanctions and many more

Get Protected at the Right Cost

Individual, Home, Small, Medium, and Large Enterprise

For individuals, home, small, medium or large, LUMENAVE Endpoint Protection Solution Suites provide the right security features for mitigating against known, unknown, and emerging security threats.

Our endpoint security offerings are selected and designed such that individual and organizations maintain same productivity and protection while at home, in the office, and on the road. With LUMENAVE EndPoint Protection Solution Suites, every endpoint is given the right protection at the right cost-smart pads and phones, laptops, desktop, servers and many more.


LUMENAVE will provide the needed installation, configuration, and support assistance to manage such a complex mix of endpoint protection solutions under a well-defined service level agreement to be agreed with the customer.

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Explore Our EndPoint Protection as a Service

LUMENAVE's EndPoint Protection as Service is one of our many software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings to customers. This service is aimed at providing endpoint protection for all endpoint types: desktop, laptops, automated teller machines (ATMs), servers, virtual infrastructure and many others, to organization at a lower cost on annual basis.

In addition, this service will enable organization have a mix of leading and industry-tested endpoint protection suites from Symantec, Mcafee, Trend Micro, and Kaspersky, ensuring that the best endpoint solutions are used for the right endpoint types at the right cost.

Additional Solution Benefits

  • Provide optimal and defense-in-depth protection for various endpoints within the organization by ensuring all available endpoint security features are configured to prevent emerging security threats such as ransomware, viruses, worms, etc
  • Flexible pricing model eases aquisition and maintenance cost for securing endpoints, and helps in lowering the average cost per endpoint on an annual basis
  • Coherent service level agreement ensures guaranteed protection to endpoints at any time period
  • Easy management and reporting ensures audit and compliance requirements are met
  • Access to world-class collaborative support from experienced teams-local and gloabl