Premium Support

LUMENAVE Premium Support is a one-on-one, world-class, fast-response support channel to help organization get better experience on the use of LUMENAVE products, services and solution. With flexible payment structures-pay-by-the-month and pay-by-the-quarter-organizations can now enjoy an unlimited number of support cases with no issues of having to tie the business to a non-performing long-term support contract or limited support privileges and above all, contest whether or not services rendered by a vendor were satisfactory or not. LUMENAVE Premium Support covers issues related to your use of LUMENAVE products, services, and solutions.

LUMENAVE Premium Support offers organization the benefits of getting technical assistance from the LUMENAVE support team as frequently as the business needs them. It can also provide useful advice to engineers when they are experiencing operational issues or when they have technical questions during planning, design, implementation, migration, testing, integration, or optimization. Organization also have the opportunity to contact our team of support engineers for predictable response time and support to help bring problematic and revenue-affecting issues to timely resolutions.

In addition, organization also gets the benefits of having a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who provides personalized, proactive technical support and advice. As a trusted advisor, a technical account manager provides in-depth product expertise, expedites support requests, and helps prevent problems before they occur. By getting to know your support history and IT strategies, a trusted advisor can evaluate and diagnose support problems in the proper context—to achieve optimal outcomes.

LUMENAVE Premium Support is offered to organizations in two plans-Silver and Gold.

The following table lists the key features for the Silver and Gold plans.

Premium Support Features Silver Gold
Business Day support (Monday-Sunday, 6am-6pm GMT+1, excl. Major Holidays†)
Weekend Support
Saturday: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
GMT+1, excl. Major Holidays†
24x7x365  access to LUMENAVE Technical Support Center  
Direct support via our Web-Based Support System
Priority Case Handling
Keep Spare Parts  and Replace On Critical Issues  
Weekly Onsite Support Engineer Visit  
Offsite Support- Direct Contact Via Chat, Phone, Email
OEM Firmware and Software Updates Installation
3 hour Maximum Onsite Response Time for “Urgent” issues  
Guaranteed Response Times for Non-urgent issues
Installation of Client-side Diagnostic tools and Management Tools  
Online Remote Access Support to Client Network  
Quarterly Routine Maintenance of all Registered IT Systems in the Contract   ;
Monthly Reports and Recommendations on Capacity, Faults, Inventory, Availability. Security, Configuration change and Performance  
Proactive Support-Provide Alerts on Issues that May Affect Business Continuity  
Provide Named Support Contacts
Advice on Current Technology Issues
Access to World-Class Training, Workshops, Seminars, etc

† New Year’s Day (January 1st), Easter Triad, Workers’ Day (May 1st), Democracy Day (May 29th), Independence Day (October 1st ) , Christmas Day (December 25th)

To ensure efficient use of LUMENAVE Premium Support Plan, the LUMENAVE Premium Support is sold and administered to customers based on a credit point system. Credit points are sold to customers in bundles. Each credit point unit is equivalent to an hour of support resolution, workshop, training, or otherwise. Customers get to use each unit that makes the bundles on as need basis.

For more details on LUMENAVE Premium Support, including pricing, key features, and contract terms and condition, please download the relevant pdf documents below:

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