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Stay Productive. Stay Secure: Protect Data in Motion from Emerging Security Threats

Securing the Perimeter and Dimilitarized Segments

Stay Protected from Advanced Attacks and Threats

Most large enterprise finds it difficult to identify and secure sensitive entry points to their network. To many organizations, the Internet is often considered as the major entry point to the organization network. While this holds true, it is not considered sufficient for an organization to only provide the required level of security for the Internet while neglecting other entry points to their network like the demilitarized zones for extranet connection, web hosting, guest connections, and others.

At LUMENAVE, we offer a wide range of solutions that can help organization provide the right level of security for all entry points to their network. Our permiter network security solutions ensure the right firewall,intrusion prevention/protection systems are properly designed, implemented, and integrated to form a unique security solution that is reliable, robust,self-defending, self-healing and above all, can withstand sufficient attacks without affecting service usability and uptime while simultaneously guaranteeing adequate protection to vital resources at any period of time.

Network Security


Datacenter Networking Security

Guaranteed Availability. Secure Critical Assets

Your Datacenter houses information assets that make-up the heart of your business. Without such information assets, no business revenue can be generated. These information assets need the optimal protection from known and unknown threats with little or no compromise to information availability and accessibility.

LUMENAVE datacenter network security options provide orgnizations with the following business benefits:

  • Protect users from accessing resources freely from the datacenter network containing both non-critical and critical revenue-generating servers
  • Provide access to datacenter resources for users based on multiple-authorization factors like: user credentials on directory servers, the IP address of the source/destination computer, certificates-user and computer, etc.
  • Provide granular and highest-level seperation for all forms of services and applications housed in the datacenter, ensuring non-critical services/applications do not share the same network segmants with critical and revenue-generating services/application.
  • Help organizations build a robust and self-defending datacenter network security system that is scalable, flexible and easy-to-manage.
  • Provide feature-rich and future-proof security system capable of containing the security damaage pose by known and emerging security threats.

Our Datacenter Networking Security solution options ensure organizations have effective security systems that can curtail or minimize threats' impacts, and lower the mean-time-to-recover (MTTR) from security attacks.

Datacenter Network Security
Network Security

Internal Security Solutions

LUMENAVE Internal Network Security Solutions help organizations provide the needed security for their branch networks, network access, edge/distribution, and core networks. Our partnership with leading security companies in the world, ensures will provide security solutions that are resilient and reliable to meet ever-dynamic threat vectors. Our internal network security solution porfolio provides among other benefits the followings:

  • Effective, integrated and unified network admission control solutions that covers all network access areas- wireless, wired, remote access VPNs, etc
  • A robust wireless security system designed and implemented based on compliance standards for various industries
  • Provides holistic security system that ensures seamless mix of top-notch industry security solutions to deliver a risk-proof platform for organizations to adopt emerging employee productivity challenges posed by bring-your-own-device (BYOD), bring-your-own-everything (BYOE), etc.

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