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Classify Sensitive Data.Prevent Data Leakage: Support for EndPoint, Network, Storage,and Cloud

Data Classification

As organization grows in the number of employees, size and operations, their information volume grows with complexity and may become unmanageable if not properly tagged in respect to their importance to the business. On the other hand, the more organization's information volume increases with little or no proper tagging, the more tendency is for the organization to suffer breaches or theft of sensitive information without knowing. The effect of lack of proper data tagging may cause reputation damage, loss of revenue, and possibly loss of customer confidence. Hence, LUMENAVE's award-winning data classification solution is designed to help organization.

Solution Overview

LUMENAVE's Data Classification solution porfolio helps organization apply importance to the every day data been generated, stored and tranferred within or outside the organization. Our data classification solution ensures all forms of data are classified based on organization's data classification policy and schemes. Powered by the award-winning classifier products from BoldonJames, a QinetiQ company, with over thirty years in the business of data classifications, and used by over five million people globally, organization can now classify all commonly-used document types using the following product suites:

Business Benefits

The business benefits of a robust data classification solution from LUMENAVE include but not limited to:

Reduce the risk of expensive data breaches
Enhance employee involvement in protecting your data
Increase user awareness of your organisation’s data policy
Have confidence that you comply with industry regulations and standards
Reduce data management and storage costs by keeping your data under control
Improve the effectiveness of data dependent solutions like data loss prevention, right management solution, data archiving, etc

Data Loss Prevention

While data classification solution helps organization determine the importance of data sets to organization, data leakage prevention solution ensures important data sets are not loss either through any electronic exit or covert channels like emails, web, instant messaging, removable media, and many more, or when data is stored (at rest), data is sent from one application to other (in motion), data is in use (in n transit).

LUMENAVE DLP solution porfolio enables organization protect sensitive data sets from unauthorized access, meet regulatory requirements, and customer confidence-give customers the assurance that their personal information is in safe hands.

Solution Overview

LUMENAVE Data Loss Prevention solution porfolio offers protection to most commonly used endpoints, recoginizing both structured and unstructured data sets and using leading and advanced industry detection algorithms fingerprinting, regular expression, directory group lookup, metadata checking, keyword matching, file type detection, and advanced vector machine learning. Our DLP solution porfolio monitors, detects, and protect sensitive data while in use on endpoint devices, in-motion as they pass through network path and elements, and at rest in file store, data and file repositories. Our solution offer protection for common data leakage incidents where sensitive data is disclosed to unauthorized personnel either by malicious intent or inadvertent mistake. Such sensitive data include but not limited to: private or company information, intellectual property (IP), financial or patient information, credit-card data, and other information depending on the business and the industry.

The Central Policy Management Module

The Central Policy Management module is the central web-based management console and incident repository that is used across all data loss prevention products. This is where data loss policies are defined, deployed, and enforced, and more importantly, incident response, analysis and policy violations are reported, other system administration tasks are peformed.

Data in Use: EndPoint Data Loss Prevention Solutions

Our Endpoint Data Loss Prevention Solution suites assist organization protect leakage of sensitive information from endpoints through exit channels like removable media, clipboard operations, printing, instant messaging, emails, and many more. The Endpoint DLP solutions have the ability to discover and prevent leakage of sensitive information sets residing on endpoints while they are connected or not connected to the office network. Endpoint Operating systems supported include LINUX, MAC and Windows.

Data at Rest: Storage Data Loss Prevention Solutions

LUMENAVE storage data loss preventions solutions help organization locate, notify, and take action on sensitive data residing on file stores, databases, Exchange, Sharepoint, and other static data repository within the organization.

Data in Motion: Network Data Loss Prevention Solutions

Our Network DLP solutions comprise of three main components-a monitor component that is positioned on the perimeter network (-usually close to the Internet router) to tap or sniff all traffic types (passively or actively) leaving and entering the organization; an email component which integrates with existing email infrastructure to ensure all SMTP traffic leaving and entering the organization are checked for policy violations on sensitive data; and finally a web component which integrates with the existing web gateway infrastracture to ensure all web based protocols-HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and others are scanned for sensitive data before exiting the organization. The monitor components enable administrators conduct risk assessment of the nature, the channels used, the type, and the extent of sensitive data loss the organization suffers.

New Frontiers: Mobile and Cloud Data Loss Prevention Solutions

LUMENAVE offers Data Loss Prevention solutions for mobile, cloud storage and Office 365.

DLP For Mobile

Data Loss Prevention for Mobile protects organization from loss of data by monitoring outbound email and web communications. Data Loss Prevention solution for Mobile works together with mobile management solutions and with ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol)-enabled Web proxy server to support analysis of SSL-encrypted Web content. It is a comprehensive, content-aware data loss prevention (DLP) solution that gives users the freedom to access apps and files from their mobile devices without putting sensitive data at risk.

DLP For Cloud

LUMENAVE DLP solution for Cloud offerings include:

  • For Cloud Storage, which provides powerful content discovery capabilities to easily scan Box Business and Enterprise accounts with deep visibility into what sensitive corporate information is being stored, how it’s being used, and with whom it’s being shared.
  • For Office 365, which provides robust content monitoring and protection capabilities for Exchange Online. Users can detect sensitive corporate information and take the right action at the right time by notifying users of policy violations; redirecting email to an encryption gateway for secure delivery; or blocking email in real-time to prevent the loss of critical data.
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    Business Benefits

    The business benefits of a content-aware and context-aware data loss prevention solution from LUMENAVE include but not limited to:

    Provides business visibility to information that leaves and enters the organisation as well as exposing bad business processes
    Ensure regulatory compliance to avoid liability, negative exposure, fines and lost revenue associated with data breaches.
    Improve employee awareness and education on the need to safeguard organization's intellectual property
    Create a flexible security environment and Improved Employee productivity by ensuring employees allowed legitimate access to information and do not misuse it.
    Protect proprietary information against security threats caused by enhanced employee mobility and new communication channels.
    Proactively prevent the misuse of data at endpoints, both on and off the corporate network.
    Timely detect malicious activity relating to data theft leaving the organization as may be observed when large amounts of data are going out of the network, as well as offering the ability to detect unrecognised encryption, password files and more.
    Monitor your organization for inappropriate employee conduct and maintain forensic data of security events as evidence.

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